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The Life Rooms aims to design, develop and evaluate services in a side to side way.

This means the service is shaped by everyone in the Life Rooms community; this includes people who access, work and volunteer within the service, as well as partners and the wider community.

The Life Rooms is an NHS service that provides a safe and welcoming space to meet others, access opportunities and learn about community resources. The Life Rooms offer support to those wanting to take the next steps in their life and to become more activated in their own health, building confidence to enable people to live happier healthier lives. Our services are free and available to everyone.

Services include opportunities to explore: Volunteering, Employment, Learning, Social Activities, Vocational Training, Pathways Advice.

In addition; The Life Rooms provides access to community resources including: Library services (Walton) Family friendly spaces, Meeting spaces for community groups, IT suite and Café facilities