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KDC provides a range of services to help people have choices, be in control and enjoy more independence.

Knowsley Disability Concern is a registered charity which exists to provide a range of practical services for disabled people. Services provided include:

Information about disability-related issues
Support and facilitation of the BIG group (Being Involved Group) for people with learning disabilities
Support for parents with learning and support needs to help raise their children independently - Parents Together
Information, advice and support to access direct payments
Support planning and brokerage service to help people use their personal budgets for health and social care effectively
Payroll services for people employing personal assistants under the direct payments scheme and any other individual employers
Help and support in recruiting PAs
Managed Accounts Support Service for people who need exra help managing their direct payments/personal health budget
Practical support for statutory agencies and voluntary groups to provide information in accessible formats
Facilitation of consultation and coproduction for people with disabilites to influence the development of local policy and services for their community
The BIG Pathway learning programme