To help support venues and service providers become more inclusive we offer advice and consultancy. 

Under the Equality Act 2010 it is unlawful for companies and service providers to treat disabled people less favorably. For service providers, ensuring disabled people can access your venues and services, this could mean changing the way you deliver your services, providing additional facilities or equipment, or the removal of any potential physical barriers. 

Any business that provides services, goods or facilities to the public must consider making reasonable adjustments to ensure they are accessible and inclusive.  This duty is anticipatory, meaning businesses should consider, in advance, any changes that could be made to be more accessible. 

We can visit your venue, and offer practical advice on the areas that may need improvement. 

The cost for this service is £195 for a half and £325 for a full day.

To discuss your requirements please contact Phil Peel on 07523 951 253 or email us at